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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Where can I find Utopia Therapy?

You can find Utopia Therapy at major shows and events throughout the year. Contact [email protected] for an up to date event list and for more information.

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How do I reuse my heating pad?

Using Stove (Recommended):

  • ​To prevent direct contact between the heat pad and the bottom of the pot it is recommended that a cloth be put at the bottom of the pot, or wrapped around the heat pad. If using an electric stove this is not necessary.
  • Place the heat pad(s) in a pot submerged or at least partly submerged in water. If pad is not completely submerged in water, it will melt into the pot until it is completely submerged.
  • Boil for the amount of time suggested on the back of the box. It is difficult to over-boil the heat pads, so if they are in the water for longer than the recommended time it will not adversely affect the pads performance.
  • Allow to fully cool before re-activation

How do I activate my heating pad?
  • Locate the metal disc inside the liquid pouch and bend with your fingertips until it clicks and crystals start to form.       
  • The heat pad will heat to 54 degrees Celsius, 129 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If desired, knead with fingers in order to create gel-like texture.

Are the heating pads dangerous or toxic?

No. Our heating pads contain sodium acetate and water. Since sodium acetate is a food additive, it is non-toxic.

Why won't my heating pad activate?

The heating pad must be in its liquid state before it will activate.  Some common mistakes are taking the pad out of the water too soon. All the crystals must be melted before you can re-use the pad.  Please allow the pad to cool for at least 15-20 minutes before you reactivate the coin.

How long do the Instant Reusable Heat Pads stay warm?

Instant Reusable Heat Pads will stay warm for up to 3 hours depending on size and the environment in which they are used. We recommend using the strap to keep the product insulated.

Can I use the heating pads as cold packs?

Yes, you can store them in the fridge while in its liquid form and use them anytime as cold pads.  This is a another benefit of the product.

Why do the heat pads turn hard after I use it?

When activating the heat pads, crystals form immediately. They remain soft while the heat pad is hot, but as they cool down they begin to harden.  Eventually, the heat pad will be quite solid. To reset the heat pad back to its liquid state, simply boil for the recommended length of time.